The 2018 Consumer Electronic Show just concluded, and many automakers made the most use of the opportunity. This included FCA US LLC, which unveiled the latest gadgets for the 2018 Jeep® Wrangler. Even more importantly, rather than merely displaying the suite of new technology, attendees were actually able to partake in a multitude of hands-on demonstrations.

So, what are some of the technologies that were on display? For starters, this included the Jeep Adventure Reality app, which incorporates the use of augmented reality to enable users to customize their own dream Jeep Wrangler. Once complete, you can view a digital representation of the SUV in your garage or driveway.

Another component is the return of the Uconnect, which is now compatible for both Apple and Android smartwatches. Users can now use their device to remotely start their car, flash their lights, and unlock the door. This time around, the Uconnect will come with an all-new Drive ‘n Save feature. This enables users to record their driving data and send it to their insurance provider. When insurance companies see desirable driving data, they can reward clients with lower premiums.

Next is the Amazon Echo, enabling users to activate numerous features via voice command. Users can instruct Alexa to switch on the ignition, input directions, and check fuel levels.

Finally, The Jeep Wrangler will feature Family Alerts, which enables parents to examine driving data while a teen child is behind the wheel.

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