Road tripping can be the best way to see the world and travel. However, at Wickstrom Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM, we recommend you first ensure your vehicle is prepared to take on the distance. In our Chrysler service center, we’re here to ensure your journey is smooth all the way through.

What should your first step be in preparing for a road trip? We always suggest having your tires checked before hitting the road. Your tires are an essential component of your vehicle and are responsible for both keeping traction with the road and supporting the weight of your vehicle. If your tires are old, or in need of replacement, you run the risk of blowing a tire while on the road, which can be quite a hassle to deal with. When you bring your vehicle in, we’ll inspect both the air pressure levels and tread depth. Should either be not up to our standards, we’ll provide a solution. We’ll also inspect for any damage while we’re at it.

We also recommend that drivers have their motor fluids checked. There are three motor fluids that ensure the smooth function of your engine: oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. Motor oil is responsible for lubricating all the various components of your engine, while coolant ensures your engine remains a level temperature. Lastly, transmission fluid makes it so that your transmission, a key component for gear shifting, continues to run smoothly and shift properly.

No matter where your final destination might be, our Barrington Jeep dealership service team is here to ensure your vehicle is up to the task. From multi-point inspections to tire rotations, we’ve got you covered at Wickstrom Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM.