Don’t you occasionally spring clean your home? Why wouldn’t you do the same for your car? If anything, a car’s interior is even dirtier than your living room. Allergy season is here as well, and a vehicle offers an enclosed space where allergens can easily affect passengers. This is true even of larger vehicles like the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica with ample interior room.

Here is another disturbing fact from Health 24: every square centimeter of the vehicle cabin contains roughly 283 strands of different bacteria species.

If you don’t already regularly clean the inside of your car, we highly recommend you do so. We’ll provide some easy tips on car spring cleaning and how to minimize dust and bacteria buildup.

First, you absolutely must clean the AC vents. A lot of bacteria enters the cabin through the vent, yet this part is seldom cleaned since it’s tricky to reach in and around the slits. To thoroughly clean this area, wipe with a foam art brush. You can also loosen any dirt in the vent first using an air compressor.

Another hack is to place cupcake liners inside the cupholders. This way, bacteria from whatever you place into the holders will not transfer directly onto the surface.

Here is one other nifty hack: to get to hard-to-reach areas in and around the seats and dashboard, use a soft cloth wrapped around a screwdriver. To give the dashboard surface a quality cleaning, wipe with a solution of olive oil. This is a natural form of cleaner that also gives the dash a nice polish and shine.

Aside from an interior cleaning, you should also give the exterior a good wash and detail at Wickstrom Chrysler Jeep® Doge RAM. Bring your car on over to our auto spa near Barrington, IL for a thorough and bacteria-eliminating treatment. For more information, you can contact our car dealers at 847-787-7029.